9260 steel shinken with Hi
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9260 steel shinken with Hi

If you are looking for a descent tameshigiri katana that is not too expensive and doesn't look and feel like a wallhanger, your search is over !

  • 9260 steel
  • through hardend
  • nice overall shape
  • good balance
  • nice fittings
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9260 steel low budget katana - 2e Generation

If you're looking for a cheap, reliable tameshigiri sword, take a look at this katana.

This katana is the newest addition to our collection. They are made by the Konron forge by using 9260 steel. The flexibility and durability of this blade ,by adding 1,8 -2,3 % silicon to the steel, does increases markedly when comparing to the other high carbon steel (1060-1070-1095, etc ) blades and make them very good cutters.

These katanas are great for frequent cutting exercises (tameshigiri) . Cutting multiple rolls of beach mats or Tatami omote , goza, or even bamboo and other medium hard targets are no problem for this sword. We do recommend the no hi version if you're planning to cut Bamboo or other hard targets.

The katana is through hardened, which means that the traditional clay process wasn't used so you won't find a hamon on this blade.

Although these are low priced katanas, especially made for those of us who doesn't have a big budget available, they do have a very good overall finish and most of all they are reliable and designed for the Japanese Martial arts practitioner ! These are not the cheap "wannabe chinakatana" swords you can find on ebay …

Buy a 9260 steel Konron katana and you will become the owner of a very light, strong and reliable katana.

This second generation does feature several improvements such as :

  • Japanese Fittings
  • Japanese Cotton Ito
  • Signature on Tang
  • Unique Serial Number


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