Samurai Sword Shop

Saito TatsuokiSamurai Sword & Equipment shop is a branch of Warrior Supplies, located in Belgium, witch is been trading on the internet since 2001. Due to the high demand of equipment for the traditional and modern Japanese Martial Arts, we decided to develop a new site with Martial arts equipment only for this group of practitioners.

We offer top quality brands and products at very interesting prices with a very fast service and delivery. All of our steel & Iaito swords are manufactured in China and we represent following brands:

1. Hanwei (Paul Chen)
2. Huanuo Sword Art (Fred Chen)
3. Zhui Feng (Custom made swords)

Our sword parts are imported directly from Japan. All of our products are brand new (unless stated otherwise) and in perfect condition. We check your order personally before shipping. We can always send you more detailed pictures of our items if You're not sure about the quality/look etc.

Today we're still growing and we continue to increase stock, looking for new & better products and lower prices. If You have any request or recommendations, feel free to contact us at any time !

Popular mono- and folded steel swords
Battle ready katana swords | Real Japanese Swords | Japanese Weapons

The famous Paul Chen Sword Collection
Chen Katana | Japanese Swords | Folded Katana

Custom made swords and Iaido katana
Katana Swords | Samurai Weapons | Japanese Custom Swords | Iaito Sword

Don't forget these Sword accessoires
Sword Display | Sword Cleaning Kit | Japanese Swords Bag

Our fine selection of wooden weapons
Japanese bokken | Japanese Bo

All kind of sword parts to build your own katana sword
Japanese Tsuba | Sword Menuki | Japanese Ito | Japanese Sageo | Katana Equipment

We listed all of our swords accoring to their price
Japanese Katana | Katana Sword | Japanese Samurai Swords | Samurai Katana