A few new Samurai Swords For Sale in our Shop at the moment


Just some updates in our samurai swords shop

The response on the survey we held a few weeks ago was just amazing and I need to thank you if you did participate ! Really, these kind of things are so important to us in order to make the perfect sword for you. Everyone has a different taste, that’s true but it can point us out in the right direction.

Anyway, more than 70% of the voters were choosing for the Japanese fittings on the new Konron swords so….you get what you asked for 😮 and currently the swords are being mounted and they should arrive here within 3-4 weeks. Not only will they come with improved fittings and ito , there’s another bonus.

The swords will be signed on the tang…”Voila !” What about that my friend ? They will be signed and possible numbered so we can issue a certificate with them. You can find the sample signature here.

Now, what more do we have for you..ow yes, a few swords from the other new forge arrived in our store. So now we have available the new cheap battle ready katana  swords with black and brown ito. As I told you in our previous posts,  I did some cutting tests with it and the video is about ready to be released so you may expect them within 1-2 days .

We already finished another video of another 1060 steel sword with Japanese fittings, ito and sageo. We didn’t had the  time yet to do cutting tests with this katana but I can assure you they’re excellent cutters.

2 Custom katana are ready too , a 1095 Huanuo katana and a customized Practical Plus XL Light katana. This katana isn’t on the site yet so no need to search for it. The price is 425 euro..Just send me a mail if interested in this one.. Video’s are on the way as well. Yeah, planning to make a lot of video’s in order to give you an exact idea of the stuff we’re having here 😮

Anyone who like to work on our samurai Tv channel by doing video sword reviews ? We send you the swords of course 😮

By the way, we also have an affiliate program now if you like to earn some $$ ! You can subscribe here and if you don’t know what that is or how it works, just give me a little time to make a how to guide for you !