A Low budget katana is coming…


The winter is coming and it’s getting harder to go outside and take some nice pictures when new swords are coming in… This morning started very nicely and we had a about 15 min. of good sunlight to take the new sample out and make some pics. It looks like the incoming flood of samples doesn’t stop.

The one that arrived today was a 9260 spring steel katana. We never had any katanas in our shop that were forged with that kind of steel and it’s hard to find a forge who is using it (You don’t want to know how long it took us :D ). Anyway, while it’s a real (read REAL) low budget katana, it’s a great sword to hold with a great balance !


The weight is around 920 gram and it balance at 13cm from the tsuba. Yet, for some reason, it feels more light that the T10 steel katanas we got in a few weeks ago (and they had about the same specifications).

Last week I had a “little accident” here with a sword and can’t use my right hand at the moment so you will have to wait a bit before you see some actual cutting tests….OK, I couldn’t wait and I took a few wooden blocks this morning to test it. I’ve done 10 wooden blocks (as you can see in the video of the T10 steel katana) within 2 minutes and the sword was cutting like an axe !!! There was nobody to put it on a videotape but I promise you as soon as we got some more time you may expect a video.

This sword really amazed me ! A light, good balanced katana with such an cutting ability..never seen before. Just keep in mind that the sword is through hardened as so doesn’t have a real hamonline. The hamon you can see is a fake one but if you need a good practising katana, this is a piece you need to think about.