Battle of Nagashino Ukiyo-e Painting


This Ukiyo-e painting (by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi ) is showing a General (not sure if it’s someone in particular) launching his troops to attack the castle of Nagashino in 1575.

This battle of Nagashino was between the armies of Takeda Katsuyori and the (combined) forces of  Tokugawa Ieyasu  and Oda Nobunaga. Where most of us still imagen brave samurai warriors fighting eachother with swords & honor, it was a time period where firearms were used and looked pretty much like a ‘modern’ warefare.

I thought this movie scene is giving us a nice view on it :


By the way, did you notice the Sashimono on the back of the General. I’ve posted a picture of a Sashimono here a few weeks back.

Anyway if you like to read more about it, go to Wikipedia or The Samurai Archives.