'Unexpected' T10 Steel katana included…


After some manufacturing delay at the forge, shipping problems because of the expo in Shanghai which forced us to ship the swords by sea and some other issues I do not want to bother you with, the new budget friendly konron swords officially arrived in my hands !

When I started the first check on Thursday I came across a few unexpected guests. The boxes where slightly smaller and when I opend them, there was just a sword with a cleaning kit, there was no 2e saya included. When unsheating the thing, a hamon showed up on the t10 steel  blade

Something went wrong since we didn’t shipped any hamon swords from the forge.

Long story short, they guy responsible for the dispatching at Konron included a batch (10 pcs) of hamon swords that had their final destination in Mainland China, not overseas 🙂

What’s the difference you might think between a sword for China and oversea ? Well..in terms of quality none at all so these swords are all build to take some serious cutting exercises, are having iron fittings, a solid tsuka and even a real yokote.

t10 steel katana

t10 steel sword

But I personally have a few issues with these swords :

  1. The polish is kind of basic
  2. Don’t like the way they enhanced the blade to bring out the hamon

Since we’re working on a hamon line that has much higher standards than these , this is definitely not something that fits in our ‘plan’.

Now shipping them back is just not an option, too much costs involved in that so we’re only left with 1 option. Offer them to you at a very attractive and low price !
So….we have 10 pcs available ( 5 pcs white and 5 pcs black) at the price of 275 euro. For that amount you will get the :

  1. Sword
  2. Cleaning kit
  3. Nice storage box

If you need a good cutter and you like to have something more than the cheap through hardened pieces, this might be a good opportunity for you.