Wazamono Ranked Edo Period Blade (Yamamoto Hachiro)


For a blade with a length of +85 cm it looks really elegant to me. It was forged by Yamamoto Hachiro. This blade was ranked as Wazamono  (good cutting sword)

In 1815 an article in the Kaiho Kenjaku, ranked the cutting ability of approximately 200 swords by various Koto and Shinto smiths. The swords were ranked as:

  • Saijo O-wazamono – (best cutting swords)
  • O-wazamono – (excellent cutting swords)
  • Ryo-wazamono – (very good cutting swords)
  • Wazamono – (good cutting swords)

More on this subject in the article  Judging Sharpness – Tameshigiri and Wazamono Ranking.


Picsource : aoijapan.com