Enju School Blade (late Kamakura period)


An unsigned blade with a beautiful hada mixture of itame & masame and attributed to the Enju School.

The Enju School flourished during the Kamakura and Nanbokucho periods in the Southern part of Japan known as Higo. The founder of the school (Enju Kunimura) was the son of the famous Rai Kuniyuki who studied well under his father then moving to Higo Kikuchi to establish his own school.

Examples of work by the Enju smiths span the period from the end of the Kamakura to the Muromachi eras. The works are commonly divided into one of three periods:

  • Ko-Enju from the late Kamakura period
  • Chu-Enju during the Nanbokucho period
  • Sue-Enju during the Muromachi period.


Picsource : nihontoantiques.com