What do you think about this Katana Prototype ?


In case you are not interested in the story, you can see the detailed pictures of the prototype here and over here you can let us know how much it sucks 😮

These are the specifications by the way :
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Ok this is the short story : Since I decided to break up with Konron (more about this in a feature post)  I’ve decided to hooked up with the people at the Zhui Feng forge and gave them 2 prototypes to work on.

I worked with them a few years back but at that time, their prices were on the higher side and I was unable to compete with companies such as Cheness , Chen, etc  so I decided to stop working with them in order to catch up with the ‘market’.

The quality of their swords was very good but I was looking too much at other companies and especially the price tag.

Now, a few years later, I became a bit smarter (finally :o) and realize I don’t have to follow the Cheness,Hanwei or any other companies track and play the ‘cheapest price’ game.

So I hooked up with them again and gave them 2 prototypes to work on.

Right now they already finished our monosteel sword and should finish the folded steel prototype before Chinese new year. Since that is next week, I’m not sure if they are able to do so.

The blade is already done but they had to wait for my fittings which will arrive there tomorrow if all goes well.

Since working on new prototypes (with a new forge and new people ) is always a pain in my ass, I like to ask you to give me some feedback and let me know what you like/dislike on this model and what you like to see in a 300-400 euro sword.

You can find the monosteel prototype here and soon i will post the pics of the folded sword here too to hear what you think.

The pricetag is not exactly sure at this moment but it I’m aiming for a 350-375 euro pricetag for the monosteel (i promise i do something special for our members once they go into producion ! If you want to be a part, just fill in your name and email at the homepage)

I don’t have any pricetag ready yet for the folded katanas but since they are making their own steel to forge the blade  (they are not using ”ready to go’ billets as most of the factories does)  and  a lamination construction, I don’t think I will be able to offer it below 1100 euro or . But we will see…

So here are the first pics of the monosteel prototype :

The rest of the detailed pics can be found here

Now, i would really appreciate your feedback and toughts on this piece. Head over to here and let me know what you think ! I really appriciate your help and if there’s anything i can do you a favor with, just let me know 😮

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