Sweating with Samurai Swords Never Felt so Good!


Imagine it, ancient Japan. Your robes roll with the wind. The air strokes your face with its gentle fingers. You look around you as the sky turns gray. You knit your brows and spread your legs. You firmly stand as you unsheathe your sword.

Feel that hilt; grip it good as your fingers curl around its soft exterior. Deeply breathe in and wrap both hands around the hilt. Raise your arms and get ready. Slash the air with your sword, sense that adrenaline, that energy. Sweat rolls down as you swing, gashing an invisible foe with strength flowing through your body. As you continue, your speed increases. Your hits become harder, more powerful.

Can you imagine it? Can you feel that rush of energy?

Learn to dance with a Japanese samurai sword with this workout. Use an ancient technique to get those curves. Get the body you’ve always wanted with this latest and raving exercise, the samurai sword workout. Trim your body. Stomp and swing the cholesterol off your system. Burn that cholesterol! Pant as you move with your katana, beating the fat away. Move your hips and torso. Slit and slash your foe, the flab.

Surely, you will notice how your body changes with this workout, especially around your waist. You will get the curves you’ve always wanted in a very beautiful way. Because it is safe, you don’t need to worry for any side effects.

Escape the stresses and problems of modern life. With these choreographed movements, you will definitely strengthen and tone your body. Your focus will sharpen with this workout as well.

Originally this workout targeted the male audience, but inventor, Takufuji Ukon, noticed how women raved the said exercise and enrolled for lessons. With his sword dancing ability and fitness training, he combined exercise and Japanese culture in a wonderful symphony of healthy movements.

He states that the exercise can make women believe that they can be someone they can never be.

He tells his students to imagine their enemies as body flab, and channel their negative energies and whims on that enemy. He says that the time for cutting people is over and the killing of pessimistic thoughts is now.

Several of his students confirm the workout’s positive effects. The women’s self-esteem improves as well, claiming that they do feel good just hacking away.

With these confirmations, surely wielding a sword made of wood can lift your spirits, make you feel powerful.

Swing your hips and cut that enemy! Stomp one foot forward and release that dark aura. Defeat your enemies with your optimism and esteem enveloping your blade. Feel good inside and out.

Imagine it once more, ancient Japan. Your robes gracefully flutter as you wield your sword with precise movements. You pant and feel your hot breath mixing with the air. You put your right foot forward. Your foe kneels before you, waiting for your attack. Without hesitation, you raise your katana and slice his shoulder. Your blade rips his flesh with accuracy. A victorious and triumphant feeling electrifies your entire body. The sky slowly turns blue, applauding for your victory.