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In this newsletter i’m going to cover these items :

  • Forgive- don’t forget
  • Tsukamaki tutorial
  • New stuff in our shop
  • Interesting links

Forgive – Don’t forget

I wrote about this a couple of days ago but long story short : Paul Ufema had a couple of Japanese WO2 swords (which he got from his father and he got them from his father) somewhere in a closet and he wondered how cool it would be to return them to the rightful owner in Japan and making a documentary of the whole journey.

Since he and his friend Bard were both video producers, the idea soon became a realistic plan and today they gathered a lot of pieces of the puzzle and are looking for some ‘extra help’ in order to make it happen.

More info on the project and the interview i did with Brad can be found in the article :

Forgive – Don’t forget , The return of a Japanese Sword to Japan


Tsukamaki Tutorial

If you follow me on facebook, you probably saw the pics i’ve posted there on the rewrapping of a tsuka (handle) . But i took some time today and bundled +60 pics into a tutorial with some explanation.

So if you want to give it a try or you’re just curious, check the tutorial :
How to rewrap the tsuka (handle) of a Katana


New stuff in the shop

As usually, new stuff comes and goes sometimes faster than i can handle and therefore it don’t get placed on the site 🙁
Anyway, 2 new pieces did make it so far :

  • Seashell katana : a T10 steel blade with choiji hamon and blue suede ito
  • Bamboo katana : a rather simple katana with a through hardened hira zukuri blade

I have 2-3 other pieces here, as soon as i find the time i drop them on the site…

There’s more worked on at the forge at this moment, guess they will arrive here within 6-8 weeks…


Interesting stuff




That’s enough for now..

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