Osafune school , Sukesada blade


The Sukesada line of swordsmiths descended in the Osafune school and are recorded as far back as the end of the Nambokucho period (around 1394). This blade here is dated 1567, placing it in the Sue-Koto Period (1469-1596).

It is known that many lower class Sukesada  swordsmith’s produced  mass produced swords (Kazu-uchi mono) in order to keep up with the demand of battlefield swords. Mainly for  for the low ranking foot soldier where were the utilitarian factor was far more important than the artistic beauty.

The early Sukesada smiths however produced swords of outstanding quality and i believe you will agree with me that this blade here is not dull in appearance 🙂


Picsource : samuraiantiques.com