Paulownia Crests & Seals Tsuba with Enamel Work (late Edo)


Fittings with enamel work, you won’t find them very often anymore and actually i don’t know of any modern day artist who has made one. Probably because enamel work requires some real specialised skills… i assume…


This tsuba is a collaboration between two artists. The metalwork was done by Masayoshi and the enamel work was executed by a member of the Hirata school of cloisonné artists. Across both sides of the tsuba, various seals and flower crests are interspersed with Taoist symbols. On the front, the flower crests are paulownia.Versions of the paulownia crest were used by the Imperial family and high-ranking warrior families. On the reverse, the crests are cherry blossoms. The edge of the tsuba is gilded in gold.

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