Raptor Deal & heading to China soon


Februari so we’re getting closer towards spring & summer, something i definitely look forwards too 😉

Anyway a short mail with 3 topics :

  • Going to China
  • Great raptor deal
  • Resources (you will find a historical article about the real last samurai there…)

1. Going To China

From march 2e until the 15e I will be traveling to China to visit some forges. Some of them I know and I am currently working with (Konron & Zhui Feng) , other are completely new and never heard of them.

Some of them are situated in the longquan area so you can bet I will be taking my camera to shoot some vids and make tons of pics !  If I can find enough time, I’m planning to keep some (small) interviews there with several smiths & craftsmen.

So if you have any questions or any particular things you like me to go over while there, write it on our facebook wall, catch me on twitter or just mail me at dave@samurai-sword-shop.com.

I will try to post updates on the blog while there but it won’t be easy. Facebook , Youtube and twitter updates will definitely be a nogo since you can’t access these sites in China unless you know some black magic…

2. Raptor Deal

If you are looking for a nice samurai swords set that is beautiful, functional and fits your budget , i might have something for you.  What do you think about this set :

  • Choose any katana in the raptor serie
  • plus a Raptor Wakizashi
  • plus a Raptor tanto
  • plus a Bottle of sword oil
  • Regular price +720 euro
  • You can get it for 545 euro

A limited amount of sets will be available so first comes, first served

3. Resources

I’m getting a lot of good feedback on this topic so it’s one to stay..

That’s it for today..over and out 🙂