New Konron samurai sword on sale !


I’m not going to bother you with the ‘famous’ Konron story again but in short, when we broke up with them a while ago were able to track down some of the former smiths & workers there and are trying to continue with konron.

They had some very skilled people there and it’s not because the management of Konron screwed up the whole thing (and gave me and some of my clients a lot of troubles) that the people who worked there need to pay for that too. I still have faith in them.

We have a lot of plans together, which I won’t reveal here yet because I learned to not be too excited about this stuff since you never know what will happen. Dealing with Chinese people and companies is not an easy task, I can ensure you !

So you will only hear from me when plans are executed and a delivery is on it’s way to here.

The first thing on our todo list was creating a good and budget friendly sword that was somehow a bit different than all of the other swords on the market today. Since it’s hard to make a budget friendly sword very different than others , we decided to make some kind of “complete sword kit”.

We came up with lot of different variations and finally decided that the kit as we present it here would be the way to go. I can already tell you now that besides these 50 pcs that we have made, there won’t be a second batch which is exact the same. Both in items that are included as well as the price ! So if these are sold, it’s over …

So 2 weeks ago, the shipment has left China (finally because there’s another story attached to that…) and are on their way to the warehouse here. 1 piece was send by express mail in order to announce the good news and give you the opportunity to get a good discount on top of the already cheap price we will sell it for.

The retail price of this set will be around 245-256 euro but you can get your hands on it for 215 euro only if you pre order today. For 215 bones you will get :

1. T1O steel blade, through hardened with unique serial number

This is no fluffy sword where only display or cutting paper is the highest achievable level of the blade. This is a full functional sword that can definitely have ‘some’ cutting. The sword is made out of 73cm long, T10 steel blade and through hardened (around 58HRC) so don’t look for a hamon, you won’t find it…

The specs doesn’t lie neither, a thickness of 0,75cm at the habaki and a 0,5cm at the yokote with a motohaba of 3,2cm and sakihaha of 2,3cm. Total weight of the sword (without saya) is around 1065 gram and it has a sori (curvature) of 2,2cm and a point of balance at 14cm…pfffiew, that was a long and technical sentence 🙂

The tang has 2 mekugi and is nicely finished for a low budget sword.

And of course, each sword does come with it’s own serial number. Same story here, we did like to do it a bit different than usual and in stead of mentioning the number on the tang, we decided to go for the mune so you don’t need to take of the tsuka to check..

2. Double saya, 1 glossy and 1 textured one with a high quality sageo attached

We came up with the double saya idea because practitioners always told us that they felt sorry to put there katana on the shelf at home with a sometimes damaged saya from practicing at their dojo plus the fact that a glossy saya was more preferred to display the sword rather than a structured one, which was more better to practice with.

This is a try out so if people feel happy/pleased with it, we might come up with some better and nicer solutions in the future for the higher end line we’re planning to make later this year.

Although this is a low end production sword, the saya fits pretty well and the blade is not making noise inside the saya wile shaking it.

The sageo is not the usual shoe lace stuff you find on most of the budget katana. Both saya has a high quality two colored sageo attached.

3. Steel fittings

No brass or other low end (alloy) materials for the fittings. We went for iron and I agree the fittings are rather basic and not fancy at all but for this price we really can’t get any better fittings.

Only the menuki are made of brass but think that’s acceptable right ?

We decided to mount the sword with a patterned habaki just to be a bit different than the rest. It fit’s the blade quit well

4. Solid tsuka & real rayskin

On most low end production swords, there are lot of troubles with the construction of the tsuka so we really didn’t want to walk that path too. As you can see here , it’s a solid one and it has real rayskin panels on it of a descent quality.

5. Storage box and cleaning kit

Transportation is a big problem for us and for you as well so we had to look for something different than the cardboard box solutions available in China. After some searching we came up with this very nice and sturdy wooden box, covered with a traditional Chinese motif and foam inside the box so it get’s very hard to get this thing damaged…unless you use your car or a truck to hit the damn thing..

Since the box needed to be bigger to get the 2 saya inside we were left with a little spot in the upper corner and decided to shoot a basic cleaning kit there.

So you tell me after reading all of you feel this is a good deal or a what 🙂 ?

I expected the whole delivery to arrive around October 20th, depends on a little on the speed of the customs here…
Once they arrived, price will go up to 245 or 265 euro, not sure yet so order it now and you get this baby for 215 euro only !