Shitahara school blade (16th century)


Never heard of this sparticular school (Shitahara) but this is a stunning blade if you ask me 🙂

I looked a bit around and this is what i’ve got so far on this school :

The Shitahara school originated in the area of Hachioji during the late Muromachi period. This group is considered to be part of the Soshu tradition and often produced swords in nie-deki and forged in mokume hada. The top swordsmiths from this school include Omura Kaboku and Musashi Taro Yasukuni.

Shitahara school roots reach back into Daiei era (early 16th century) with the regarded founder, Chikashige, who was a student of Soshu Tsunahiro in Odawara. Musashi province was a relatively remote region at this time, and the establishment of the school makes it the only indigenous school in Musashi (aka: Bushu) of the koto period.

After the seating of the shogunate in Edo by Tokugawa Iyeyasu sword smiths from other regions arrived to fill the expanding demand for swords and thrive in rapidly expanding economic boom. Shitahara remained there with a few notable smiths continuing to work in their Soshu based backgrounds.


So far for the background on this school, if you happen to know more about it, drop it in the comments… we’re all eager to learn 🙂


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