Tachi Blade by (national treasure) Osumi Toshihira


DANG.. how about this to close the week 🙂 ? The shape and lines are so crisp & clean… we need to give the polisher a big thumb up as well here !

In case you’re interested in the specs:

  • Length 2 shaku 3 sun 5 bu 6 rin (71.4 cm)
  • Sori : 9 bu 2 rin (2.8 cm)
  • Motohaba : 3.41 cm
  • Sakihaba : 2.48cm
  • Motokasane : 0.85cm
  • Sakikasane : 0.60cm
  • Weight : 960g

Found a very interesting piece of content posted by someone named ‘Bushido Devil Dog’ :

When I was living in Gunma-ken, Ota-shi, I met and talked with an uchi-deshi = live-in student/apprentice of one of Japan’s (only two) Living National Treasure swordsmiths, Osumi Toshihira.

He told me that as a student of Osumi-sensei, he recieved only about $500 a month as salary*, and had only one week off a year, the rest of the time, 7 days a week, he worked…no dates, no girls, no partying with the boys…and he was about 22 when I met him; a very strict life for a young guy at his peak of being young, dumb, and full of …

As I was talking with him, I also notice the NUMEROUS burn scars he had on the back of his hands, which I can imagine happening right at critical times when he probably couldn’t move or stop what he was doing i.e. holding the blade for Osumi-sensei, and thus had to let the sparks burn into his skin…all for the love of the craft of the steel.

This is where the “select trial and testing” comes from…it is mainly self-imposed by the student who volunteers to give up his freedom and privacy (re: the “live-in” part. They are literally under there master’s eyes almost all the time) in exchange for the education they recieve. Anyone willing to do that is obviously dedicated to the art.

On final interesting tidbit about his apprenticeship was that the student were expected to be abble to tell by the sounds of Osumi-sensei’s small hammer striking the anvil how hard he wanted them to hit the blade…there was absolutely NO TALKING in his shop when a blade was being forged, and this rule applied to the rare visitor he would allow to watch the process. One peep from a visitor, and he would tell them to get the out of his shop. This rule is out of reverence to the blade they are making (= the Soul of the Samurai warrior) and to the art they are creating.

source : http://ingunowners.com/forums/cutting-edge/20787-my-dream-has-been-achieved-my-real-katana-3.html

Picsource : toukenkomachi.com