The good, the bad..and lot of pictures and videos


Finally the complete redesign of the site has been finished since 2 weeks and most of the bugs were located and eliminated. If however you still notice some weird behaviour, please let me know !
In case you didn’t noticed, not only the shop but also the library has been revamped and expect more in depth articles, tutorials, reviews and interviews very soon.

Speaking about that, if you think you can contribute something valuable (an insight, do it yourself thing or some historical facts,etc) , don’t hesitate to let me know and i will set you up with an author’s account !

A side note: the books&video and community part of the site still need to be completed…

I also have a few ‘personal’ articles in the queue regarding to running ‘a swordstore’.

Lot’s of people think it’s awesome (and it is, especially when a new delivery arrives 🙂 ) but from time to time it can give you a lot of headache so i decided that it was time to give you a few insights behind the curtains.

By the way, i wrote a bit more about my personal story over here…. yes that’s me in the pics…

I also have some bad news …i told you running a swordstore is not always fun..

I’m not sure if i told you about the problems at the Hanwei forge ? In case i didn’t, long story short..

In march 2011, the biggest part of the Hanwei forge burned down and production and deliverability of most of their stuff became a huge problem in 2011.

Soon after the burn down, they told us that they started to build a brand new factory and that the production schedule (and the troubles) should solved by end of 2011 at last..

You already feel something… ?

Two weeks ago i talked with them and they told me a couple of things you might be interested in :

  • since a lof of their machines were destroyed, the kami and tiger katana has been taken completely out of production and it’s not sure if they ever will return.
  • they were unable to complete the new factory before winter time so the entire production will be stopped until April. Yes you read that correct !
  • with immediate effect, they raised all of their prices with 20% and once the factory is up and running, they do expect a higher number

A round up : their stock is (already)very very low and since production has stopped as we speak, we don’t need to expect any new delivery coming out before summer time. On top of that an immediate price increase of +20% that can become 25-30% once production has started again..

So i have no other chance than to raise the prices in the store as well. I will fix that somewhere during next week so if you were planning to buy something, next week is your best bet..

Speaking about bad news…this one can count right ?

Here are some pics of the dissaster and the ‘building up’
[nggallery id=22]

On the other hand, i see it as an ideal opportunity to push our own swordline of Zhuifeng to the front line.

There’s an article coming about that topic as well where i will try to show (as good as possible ) the differences between the 2 forges and why i think they’re better 🙂
You can see all of the models i have in stock here and as a bonus, you can get 10% off if you use this coupon code : caching when checking out (until march 15).

Since i’m already talking too much again, let me end by listing some very interesting stuff i’ve found the last couple of weeks :




That’s it or now… talk to you later and let me know if you could help us out with providing valuable insights, articles, tutorials,etc All help is welcome !

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