Update on Konron Delivery and new Katana boxes on the way

traditional made katana sword box by Konron

traditional made katana sword box by Konron

Ok just a quick update from Konron since we got a ton of questions about the new shipment that was supposed to arrive end of January – beginning of February. Things got a little delayed as usual (adding more stuff & Chinese new year..)but the forge confirmed that there’s a delivery packed and waiting for shipping at the FedEx storage in China so it won’t take ages anymore before we can get them.

It all depends how difficult the customs are this time…there’s still a lot of inspections and security there.

Anwyay, the shipment will contain 9260 steel and 1070 differentially hardened blades although not sure how many of each. My guess only a little of them are with hamon so they will be sold out pretty fast.

The special serie we added to our original order won’t be included yet, some parts are still missing so it can take a few weeks more before they get here. There’re no super galactic swords, they just have a nice different saya than the usual stuff, battle wrap and entirely …black 😮

The 9260 serie will contain a new model themed with a dragonfly…the forge made a new tsuba which I posted on facebook…ow you don’t have a facebook account yet ? Damn..go create one 😮

Anyway here’s the pic


I also got a fast movers offer here. When talking to the forge this morning they told me they had a nice surprise for me which they forgot to mention…

They now have traditional swordboxes in stock..Now before you say : “so what..”, just take a look, there’s a big chance you had never seen these kind of boxes !


Since there’s another shipment leaving the forge within 2 weeks, we can offer these wonderful box for just 120 euro only ! Once in our store the pricetag will exceed 150 euro at least..So if you’re interested, just send me a mail at dave@samurai-sword-shop.com ! You just need to be fast to get one of these…

For those of you who ordered a custom sword, you will get this box for 0,00 euro ! How about that ! The forge started to work on the custom orders so soon you may expect some updates and pic about that too..