Yorimasa Watches the Monster Approach


Another wonderfull Ukiyo-e Work from the serie ‘100 Aspects of The Moon” by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi.

The warrior Yorimasa kneeling on the ground holding his bow and a wakizashi tucked into his green billowing robe and wearing a small black hat. His interesting facial expression with his curled moustache and wavy eyebrows. On the lower right-hand corner is Yoshitoshi’s signature and red embossed cartouche.

Minamoto no Yorimasa (1106-1180) made his fame when he shot a mythological nue-monster that was disturbing the Emperor, and was given a sword, and Lady Shobu for a wife. At the rewarding ceremony a cuckoo calls, and Minister Yorinaga asks: “Does the cuckoo too announce its name from above the clouds?” Yorimasa replies: “I only bent my bow, and the arrow shot itself” (hototogisu nao mo kumoi ni agura kana, Yorimasa toriaezu: yumiharizuki no iru ni makasete)”.

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Picsource : fujiarts.com