Red Oak bokken
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Red Oak bokken

These brown oak bokken are a good choice if you just starting out and don't want to spend a lot of money on your first wooden sword

  • brown stained oak
  • good overall finish
  • not suitable for hard contact
  • good balance
  • good price / quality
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Brown Stained Oak Bokken

This stained brown oak bokken is a wooden training tool for those martial artists interested in learning the use of a sword.

It was during the Muromachi Period 1336-1600 A.D. that the use of the bokken became popular. It was during this time the warriors began learning the art of dueling against a single opponent instead of fighting in a battlefield situation.

It was from this single fighting man concept that the 'Ryu' specialty styles came into being. This concept also gave birth to the highly skilled and regarded, samurai. These wooden swords are very light and not suitable for 'contact' exercises.

This bokken is made of brown oak (total length 102 cm) and come's with plastic tsuba and dome. If you need a bokken for contact / sparring exercises you would be better off with the white oak bokken since they are harder.


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