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Samurai Sword Shop
Plantenweg 10
8540 Deerlijk

Representative: Dave Lorrez

Phone 0032 (0)477 90 36 12
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VAT : BE 0473.410.181

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Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Popular mono- and folded steel swords
Battle ready katana swords | Real Japanese Swords | Japanese Weapons

The famous Paul Chen Sword Collection
Chen Katana | Japanese Swords | Folded Katana

Custom made swords and Iaido katana
Katana Swords | Samurai Weapons | Japanese Custom Swords | Iaito Sword

Don't forget these Sword accessoires
Sword Display | Sword Cleaning Kit | Japanese Swords Bag

Our fine selection of wooden weapons
Japanese bokken | Japanese Bo

All kind of sword parts to build your own katana sword
Japanese Tsuba | Sword Menuki | Japanese Ito | Japanese Sageo | Katana Equipment

We listed all of our swords accoring to their price
Japanese Katana | Katana Sword | Japanese Samurai Swords | Samurai Katana