Custom High Carbon Steel Katana

Custom High Carbon Steel Katana

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Custom High Carbon Steel Katana

The base of this sword is the Practical Plus katana, a good sword to start with and this customized piece does give you something 'extra'

  • high carbon steel
  • differential hardening
  • iron fittings
  • brown ito & black samé
  • good for light cutting
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Practical Plus Custom High Carbon Steel Katana (Paul Chen)

This customized katana is originally build on the base of a standard Paul Chen Practical Katana.

In order to keep the cost down, the original fittings has been reused and the flowers represented on the fuchi and kashira got a little polished in order to give them a lighter color .

The samé (rayskin panels underneath the wrap/ito) was painted black en Japanese cotton ito was used to rewrap the tsuka.

No changes had been done on the blade or saya since that would raise the price too much for this katana. Compared with the standard practical plus katana, it does look very different and gives you an unique sword for a little extra.

This sword can be used for practicing and cutting exercises although I wouldn’t recommend it when you’re planning to do a lot of cutting or when you need to cut harder targets such as multiple tatami mats or bamboo.

In case you like to cut harder targets or just do more cutting, consider to take a Practical Plus XL Light or Practical Plus Elite.

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