Hand forged samurai sword

Hand forged samurai sword

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Hand forged samurai sword

This is a T10 steel katana, made by Fred Chen's Huanuo forge and and ideal sword for tameshigiri

  • forged T10 steel
  • real hamonline
  • polished iron fittings
  • purple cotton ito
  • no hi
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Hand Forged Samurai Sword – Fred Chen’s Forge

This hand forged samurai sword is originally made by Fred Chen’s Huanuo forge in China. The blade is hand forged out of T10 steel and doesn’t feature a hi (groove).

We did have a few standard models here without hi and these were all very good tameshigiri swords , especially when you perform cutting exercises often and or when you like to take on some harder targets such as multiple layer tatami omote or bamboo.

The sword itself is not as light as an Paul Chen Shinto for example but the balance is still more than ok which makes it comfortable to use.

On the other hand, if you are a collector, you can get one piece of a kind in your collection with this katana. It has been forged by following the traditional way as much as possible and while you can’t compare it with some higher end katanas it’s a perfect and absolutely unique katana.

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