The high end swords of the Hanwei forge and suitable for both the practitioner and the collector.


One of the more affordable folded blades of Paul Chen with a stunning hada and very nice fittings

  • forged & folded blade
  • 47 Ronin theme
  • excellent fittings
  • suitable for cutting
  • raindrop pattern habaki

This Bushido Katana has a hand-forged & folded K120C powder steel blade, differentially tempered using a traditional claying method.

  • affordable price
  • forged & folded
  • excellent fittings
  • suitable for light cutting
  • unique colorful saya

This Paul Chen Tiger katana is one of the first folded blades that have been made and because of the beauty of this katana, it's still around after all these years.

  • iron Kojiri and Koiguchi
  • iron Kurikata
  • beautiful fittings
  • suitable for cutting
  • short kissaski

The Kami katana is still one of hanwei's top notch pieces with a folded ASSAB-K120C powder steel blade and a stunning hada.

  • forged & folded blade
  • ring-carved section at kurikata
  • superb fittings
  • suitable for cutting
  • deeply red lacquered saya

Customers about us :

 Charlier, Loïc
I'm no expert on the matter, but this katana seems very well built and it's exactly what I wanted. I'm thrilled! Thank you Dave for all your services... 


 Dragos Ivan
Best customer service ever!Will purchase again any time soon.

The perfect seller!! Good communication, speedy delivery, wonderful item! Highly recommended! Thanks and till next time!

Forged & Folded Paul Chen Katana - CAS Iberia Swords


The samurai weapons in this category are the high end swords of the Hanwei forge and suitable for both the practitioner and the collector.


In ancient times, the technique of folding a katana blade was necessary to remove the impurities in the Japanese steel (tamahagane), which was of a somewhat poor quality. Today -since the quality of the steel is of a much higer level- this traditional technique tend to be of cosmetic value only. All of these folded katana does have a very attractive hamon and hada and absolutely and a good balance. The kami katana may be a bit heavy to practise Iaido and I do feel that it's more a collector item.