The Hanwei forge was founded by Paul Chen, whose Chinese name, ‘Chen Chao-Po’ means, “morning wave

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Hanwei, world largest forge lead by paul Chen

The Hanwei forge was founded by Paul Chen, whose Chinese name, ‘Chen Chao-Po’ means, “morning wave”, ¬†and is sword-making company that is currently based in Dalian, China.


Chen grew up in Taiwan and had been fascinated with swords ever since he was a child. He began making swords at the early age of eight, wishing to add more swords to his antique sword collection which was mostly given by his grandfather.


In 1991, he took  a major leap in his sword making career and formed his own company – the Dalian Hanwei Metal Co. Ltd.,. He chose a handful of the finest craftsmen in town and formed his own team of highly skilled sword smiths.


Its humble beginnings were with Samurai swords, which have remained widely sought until the present day. The company maintains a Samurai sword restoration facility where many old and damaged swords have been restored into its original beauty and uncompromised fit.
Although Paul Chen have faced numerous criticisms from various sword enthusiasts, he do not let these stop him from pursuing his goal. He continuously strives hard to produce the finest of swords at the most affordable price.