Higo Themed Iaito
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Higo Themed Iaito

This Nami iaito is a very nice entry level sword for any Iaidoka who don't want to spend a a few hundred euro on his first sword

  • special stainless steel
  • not sharp
  • very tight wrap
  • different blade lengths
  • nice balance
My personal opinion top

Iaito - Paul Chen Nami Katana

A first class entry katana. Simple design but it has all that a good iaito need !

The Iaito line of swords have blunt blades, and are in no way intended for cutting exercises. They are intended for practicing the Japanese sword-drawing arts such as Iaido. This is an excellent entry-level sword - If you have a little more to spend, you may want to see the Gorin Iaito or the Tsuru Iiato also by Paul Chen.

The point of balance of these iaito is being set closer to the tsuba or guard than other real samurai swords or shinken because of the repetitions of certain exercises involved in the practicing of most of the Japanese sword drawing arts.

The Nami Katana is the basic model in the paul chen Iaito sword collection. It's a very nice deal for people who doens't care about a beautiful look and are looking for a durable sword.

This iaito is available in 4 different blade lengths. Please choose your length before ordering !

Katana Specifications top
Manufacturer : Paul Chen / Hanwei
Steel : Special Stainless
Functionality : Iaido
Sharpness :
Polish : Mirror polish
Tameshigiri : No
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