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White Oak Bo

These white oak bo (staff) are made of solid white oak and a very good choice for each martial arts practitioner

  • solid white oak
  • good overall finish
  • not too heavy
  • good balance
  • good price / quality
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White Oak Bo - Staff

The bo, or staff, is probably one of the first weapons that mankind used to defend himself.

The history of the bo dates back millennia, and is thought to be used first in China. It could easily be found, was easy to handle, and could be used for multiple purposes. The bo staff itself is believed to have been developed from the tenbin, a pole balanced on the shoulders, used to carry buckets hanging from each end with water or grain.

The bo is a well known weapon used in many styles of martial arts practiced around the world. It is one of the five weapons included into a style by the early Okinawan founders of karate. In feudal Japan, it was part of the bugei - early Japanese martial arts. Nobles and peasants used it in a similar way.

Although the staff varies in size and length, all staffs are long pieces of well polished wood, best described as a pole. Thickness of the bo varies depending on the particular martial art one trains in. Though, it must be made so that the fighter can comfortably make a tight fist around it in order to block and counter an attack. It is easy to find a good staff in a time of need. A good stick can be found almost anywhere at nearly all times.

Now part of budo (martial way), the bo is often used in kata training and competition. Physical conditioning with the staff improves one's balance, coordination, and upper body strength, among other benefits.

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