A katana in shirasaya or koshirae need a storage place so a bag is a must have


This solid fabricated carrying case is made by Paul Chen's hanwei forge and a must have if you need to take your katana to your dojo

  • very strong
  • reinforced bottom
  • zipped compartments
  • can keep 2 katanas and jo

Customers about us :

 Charlier, Loïc
I'm no expert on the matter, but this katana seems very well built and it's exactly what I wanted. I'm thrilled! Thank you Dave for all your services... 


 Dragos Ivan
Best customer service ever!Will purchase again any time soon.

The perfect seller!! Good communication, speedy delivery, wonderful item! Highly recommended! Thanks and till next time!

Japanese Sword Bag - Katana


Carrying Case Whether it's to store your katana at home or you do need to take it with you to your dojo, a sword bag is a must have !


All swords, whether we are talking about katana in shirasaya or koshirae (formal mountings), they do need to be kept in their sword bags (fuduka). The kojiri (head of the scabbard) need to go into the swordbag first to avoid the possibility of an accidental fall of the blade into the bag while you are holding the saya.