If you can afford to spend a bit more, this range of shinken and iaito's are a good match


This Black Wave Katana

  • T10 steel
  • Blade without hi
  • wave theme
  • great cutter
  • black cotton ito

A rather short katana with a wide blade and a double hi,  especially designed  for cutting exercises. 

  • T10 steel
  • double hi
  • Sendan/inro Saya 
  • higho fittings & mokko tsuba
  • ideal for tameshigiri

A rather unusual style for a katana. The Hira Zukuri style is most often used on a tanto or wakizashi but we decided to give it a try and Zhui Feng didn't dissapointed at all.

  • T10 steel
  • hira zukuri style
  • wild hamon
  • silk ito
  • high quality fittings

An upgraded version of the practical katana, a good choice when looking for your first katana

  • good quality vs. price
  • real rayskin on handle
  • real hamonline
  • good balance
  • suitable for cutting

This Practical Plus Elite katana from Hanwei is suitable for the more heavy targets when doing cutting exercises

  • strong blade
  • no hi
  • beefy blade
  • not tip heavy
  • very tied cotton wrap

This Practical Plus XL light was designed by Paul Chen and it's special blade geometry makes it an ideal cutting katana.

  • traditional construction
  • real hamonline
  • doesn't feel heavy
  • real rayskin , cotton ito
  • ideal for tameshigiri

This Practical Pro katana might by the ideal solution if you are looking for an affordable, robust katana.

  • long tsuka (handle)
  • long blade
  • traditional hamonline
  • iron fittings
  • good for cutting

Customers about us :

 Charlier, Loïc
I'm no expert on the matter, but this katana seems very well built and it's exactly what I wanted. I'm thrilled! Thank you Dave for all your services... 


 Dragos Ivan
Best customer service ever!Will purchase again any time soon.

The perfect seller!! Good communication, speedy delivery, wonderful item! Highly recommended! Thanks and till next time!

Katana Sword and Japanese Katanas - Mid Level Class


A great collection of Katana Swords. These Japanese weapons are Mid level katanas

This wonderfull collection of Japanese Katanas are carrying the majesty of medieval Asian times. A katana sword is a great addition to your samurai sword collection and of course these katanas are fully functional and can be use for Japanese Sword fighting.


The Iaido swords listed here does come from the Hanwei forge and are made of a special stainless steel. They are much more durable than aluminum alloy Iaito.These very affordable Katana swords are the ideal training tools for safely practicing the japanese sword drawing art or Iaido.


The rest of the Japanese Weapons in this categorie are real battle ready samurai swords and very sharp ! So be careful when handeling these beauties.