Katanakake - Double

Katanakake - Double

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Katanakake - Double

This nicely designed and solid natural colored Sword Stand is perfect for displaying your Katana, wakizashi or your wooden swords

  • solid construction
  • natural finish
  • good for 2 swords
  • good price / quality
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Double Sword Stand / Katanakake

This nicely designed Japanese samurai Sword Stand is perfect for displaying your shinken oer even your bokken Each support rail is lined for the protection of the finish.

This double sword stand (katanakake) is black laquered and feature a padded shelf for a tanto or maintenance Kit.

When not in use, a katana is placed on a katanakake( sword stand). The katanakake serves to keep the sword ready for use. Normally, the katana is displayed edge up with the tsuka arranged to the right. Storing the katana edge up helps keep the sword from becoming dull from the wood inside the saya.

Displaying the tsuka to the right allowed the sword to easily be drawn. For a peaceful display of one's weapons, the tsuka is arranged on the left. A tachi is displayed edge down, as it is normally worn. The tachi also is displayed on a vertical stand, with the edge turned away from the viewer.

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Once again an excellent item!!
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Review by Christophe on Oct 25, 2010
I couldn't be more satisfied with this katanakake!! Very beautiful product which is excellent to store and display my bokuto and shinai. I can even lay my jo on the bottom rack too.
Highly recommended! Thanks again for a great product and very fast delivery!
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Double swordstand, natural colour
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Review by Filip Cornelis on Aug 11, 2009
Beautiful piece of woodwork. The natural wood colour in all it's glory.
The katana's / wakisashi's saya(s) fits perfect in the holders. They are protected with red tissue to protect the saya. Under the swordstand the same fabric to protect 1. the stand legs themselves 2. the undergroud you place it on, for example a cupboard,... I noticed the very stable and strong construction of the katanakake.
A 'must have' item to diplay your sword(s)!!!
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