Since a katana is forged with highcarbon steel, a little maintenance is necessary


If you own a Japanese sword , you will need some 'tools' to keep the blade of your sword in a good shape, it comes complete with everything you need to do the job

  • choiji oil
  • brass hammer
  • rice paper
  • powder ball
  • nice wooden box

Blade maintenance is very important to preserve the finish of your blade, especially after a cutting session with your katana

  • acid free oil
  • pump spray bottle
  • 0,11 liter

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 Charlier, Loïc
I'm no expert on the matter, but this katana seems very well built and it's exactly what I wanted. I'm thrilled! Thank you Dave for all your services... 


 Dragos Ivan
Best customer service ever!Will purchase again any time soon.

The perfect seller!! Good communication, speedy delivery, wonderful item! Highly recommended! Thanks and till next time!

Samurai Sword Maintenance - Cleaning Kit


Whether you are a practitioner or collector of Samurai swords, proper maintenance of your katana is needed to keeping it in a good and healthy shape.


It would be a shame to have that new katana, which cost you $1000, to become useless because of rust or a cracking handle. Fortunately proper sword care is not difficult, and it needn’t take hours of your time. If you use your sword , you need to clean the blade after every use. same geos if you touch the blade of your katana, your fingers will leave behind salts and oils that will promote rust on it.