Moji Katana
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Moji Katana

A customized katana with a differentional hardened T10 steel blade. Suitable for Iai and cutting exercises on soft targets.

  • T10 steel
  • high quality fittings
  • handmade iron tsuba
  • nice weight & balance
My personal opinion top

I had quite some nice time while working on this piece. Don't get me wrong, i didn't actually forged the blade myself, neither did i made the fittings, saya,etc

I just pimped the look of this beauty a bit :)

A while ago i saw a pretty attractive tsuka. Besides the flawless maki, the rayskin was colored black and than polished which gave some kind of black & white effect.

The spaces between the nodes were still black but the top op the nodes were white. So i started to experiment a bit to come to the conclusion you really need a high grade rayskin with big nodes and nice spacing between them in order te get such a stunning result.

The rayskin on this tsuka is not of such a high quality (hey, a nice piece of rayskin can cost 1/3th of the price of this sword so..) so achieving the same result was impossible but it's still a nice touch and something you won't find an many other katana out there.

Besides that and the imported fittings from Japan, a handmade iron tsuba is mounted. Handmade as in you take a piece of ironplate, draw the design, drill small holes in it in order to get your tiny sawblade inside and start sawing...

I quite like the end result and might ask our guy to make some variations on this one in the future.

For the rest, we have a T10 steel blade with a  Koshi-Zhori (sometimes also called Bizen-sori) where the deepest point of the blade is positinoed towards the munemachi and of course differentially hardened as you can see.

When swinging the sword it produces a pretty loud & deep tachikaze which will make many iaidoka smile :)

Katana Specifications top
  • Steel : T10
  • Polish : mirror
  • Hamon : irregular wave
  • Hi : yes
  • Blade (tsuba to tip) : 74 cm
  • Tsuka : 28 cm
  • Weight :  976 gram
  • Point of balance :  14.5 cm
  • Sori : 18 mm
  • Motohaba : 30 mm
  • Sakihaba : 22 mm
  • Kissaki : 3.5 cm
  • Motokasana : 7 mm
  • Sakikasana : 5 mm
  • Ito : Brown cotton ito (Japanese import)
  • Saya : black gloss 
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