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Ninja Sword

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Ninja Sword

If you are looking to expand your collection or you need a straight bladed katana, you just found it.

  • good price / quality
  • real hamon
  • straight blade & hamonline
  • functional katana
  • short blade
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This practical ninja sword, forged by Paul Chen' s forge has a high carbon steel blade and can be used for tameshigiri.

In ancient times, a Ninja was someone specially trained in a variety of unorthodox martial arts and usually trained for participating in dangerous missions. They appeared in the 14th century of feudal Japan, and remained until the Edo Period.

Ninja used a wide range of weapons and one of them was the Ninjato. Usually they were much shorter than the traditional katana that were used by the samurai and they had a straight blade where a katana or tachi has a curved blade.

While it may not be totally historical accurate, the tsuba of most of the ninjato has a square shape. Also typically for the ninjao is the kissaki of the sword. It takes a straight line from the Yokote line until the tip where the kissaki of a katana is slightly curved.

This ninjato is a great deal (considering the low price) ! It has a carbon steel blade that is differentially hardened and can be used for cutting exercises. Just keep in mind that (just like the practical katana) the tsuka is glued on the tang and that the rayskin is fake.

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