Bushido Katana
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Bushido Katana

This Bushido Katana has a hand-forged & folded K120C powder steel blade, differentially tempered using a traditional claying method.

  • affordable price
  • forged & folded
  • excellent fittings
  • suitable for light cutting
  • unique colorful saya
My personal opinion top

This authentic Japanese bushido katana from paul chen is a top class sword of the Hanwei forge.

The swords from the bushido serie does come with a mirror polish and they have great qualitative fittings. Each of the swords in the busido serie (the katana in this case) is handforged & folded and does have a powder steel blade. The process of forging & folding are offering a good folding pattern (ayasugi hada) and temper line (hamon).

Both traditional and modern techniques were used to forge this blade. The blade of this katana sword is differentially tempered, by using traditional claying methods on the blade witch results in a hardness of 60HRC on the edge and about 40HRC on the back. The saya of this katana is kind of special since it is lacquered in gold and inlaid with sakura flowers.

High quality rayskin is used on the tsuka and brown imported japanese ito is used to wrap the handle. Tsuba and fushi & kashira are made of bronzed & blackened iron, with silver and gold decorations representing Japanese battle scenes. This katana sword comes without bo-hi (groove).

Personally I feel that this sword is a real collectors item and is suitable for iaido practising. I would not recommend this katana sword for lot of (heavy)cutting exercises and if You decide to cut, only use light targets.

Of course, this Hanwei authentic Japanese katana does come with a maintenance kit and sword bag as usual.

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