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This Naginata is handforged in 1065 high carbon steel and feature an ebu wood, black laquered shaft with a non-slip finish.

  • hand forged
  • high carbon steel blade
  • visable hada
  • nice iron fittings
  • traditional design
My personal opinion top
The naginata was originally developed as a weapon for use against cavalry and first appeared around the 10th century. The pole weapon was also a highly preferred weapon of the Sohei or Japanese warrior monks.

Since the monks had limited access to horses they were often placed in a situation of facing mounted warriors from on foot, and the naginata (due it’s great length) was ideal for this situation.

The original use of this weapon was to cut off the legs of enemy horses followed by an attack to the dismounted rider. However it became apparent that the length of the naginata was a ferocious battlefield tool, both powerful & fast, and with much greater reach than a katana.

When this weapon lost its usefulness during battle (around 1600) , the naginata increasingly became a symbol of social status for samurai women. The naginata gave a woman the advantage of greater length, and was not intended as a weapon to be used away from home.

This Hanwei piece is hand forged in 1065 high-carbon steel and the traditional clay method is used to produce a differentially hardened blade with great details in the steel pattern as you will see on the detailed pics in the slideshow.

The protect the nice blade (and for yoru safety of course) a nice black lacquered saya is included.

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