Ronin Katana
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Ronin Katana

One of the more affordable folded blades of Paul Chen with a stunning hada and very nice fittings

  • forged & folded blade
  • 47 Ronin theme
  • excellent fittings
  • suitable for cutting
  • raindrop pattern habaki
My personal opinion top

If you are a collector or a practitioner and in demand of something really nice , You may want to consider ths Ronin Katana with it's stunning folded blade.

A Ronin was in fact a masterless samurai during the feudal period in Japan. According to the Code of the Samurai, a samurai warrior was supposed to commit hara kiri or in plain English ritual suicide, upon the loss of his master. The samurai who did not honor the code was "on his own" and was meant to suffer great shame.

Most of us know the Ronin from the famous tale of the 47 Ronin. Many Japanese samurai movies were based on this heroic tale. There' s no need to write to whole story here, it's better you do a little search for that :D

Now as far as the sword concern, would it be a surprise to you if we told you that the tsuba and fittings of this katana does show you the story of these 47 Ronin ? The tsuba is showing Asano' s followers on their vengeful march against Kira.

This sword has a beautiful folded blade where the hada (folded pattern) is very visable. With a balance point at 13cm of the tsuba, it handles quite well for Tameshigiri but may be a little heavy if you just want to use for Iai. The saya is not finished in a gloss black color as can be found on most of Paul Chen's swords but in mat black which gives the sword a very sober overall look.

Of course this sword does come with a maintenance kit and sword bag.

Katana Specifications top
  • Steel : not provided by forge

  • Polish : mirror

  • Hamon : wave

  • Hi : yes

  • Blade (tsuba to tip) : 74 cm 

  • Tsuka : 28.5 cm

  • Weight :  1120 gram

  • Point of balance :  12.5 cm
  • Sori : 18 mm

  • Motohaba : 31 mm

  • Sakihaba : 24 mm

  • Kissaki : 40 mm

  • Motokasana : 6 mm

  • Sakikasana : 4 mm

  • Ito : black cotton

  • Saya : black mat
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