Unokubi Zukuri Katana
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Unokubi Zukuri Katana

This Raptor Serie katana is forged in the Unokubi Zukuri or Cormorants Neck Style and is patterned after the shape of the Naginata

  • ideal cutter
  • through hardened
  • battle wrapped tsuka
  • nice iron fittings
  • Good for light cutting
My personal opinion top

This Unokubi Zukuri katana, where the word Unokubi can be translated to "cormorant's neck" , refers to the deep scoop on the shinogi ji of the last 2/3 thirds of the blade.

In case you have no idea, a cormorant is a sea bird :o.

This kind of design is a nice one for a ‘cutter’ as it allows the blade to be tall and rather strong from edge to back and of reasonable thickness at the shinogi without being overly heavy since the shinogi ji's angle back to form a very thin mune on the 2/3 thirds of the blade.

So this shape of blade means a slightly sharper edge angle and so makes them good tatami cutters while still feeling like a regularly balanced blade with that difference that it the overall weight of the sword is a bit leasy heavy than for instance a regular Shinogi Zukuri style katana.

The blade of this katana is made of high performance and unfolded 5160 steel. Just like the 9160 steel, this high carbon steel is known for its strength and durability. Since they blade is through hardened, it doesn’t feature a hamon of course but at this pricepoint, you simply can’t have it all :).

Even at this pricepoint, Hanwei managed it to give this katana a very nice & solid mounting. The tsuka (handle) is wrapped with a black suede ito in the so-called "battle wrap" (katatemaki style in Japanese) .

The Tusba and fuchi&kashira are made of blackened iron and does feature a very nice eagle. The quality of the fittings is really amazing in this price class (I did say it before I know..) .The black saya has a simple stone texture and kojiri, koiguchi and kurikata are made of horn .

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