Practical XL Light Katana
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Practical XL Light Katana

If you're looking for your first 'official' cutter, this Practical XL light might be a home run.

  • especially designed for cutting
  • better blade geometry
  • real hamonline
  • thicker and bigger blade
  • not tip heavy
My personal opinion top

This Japanese battle ready katana is made by Paul Chen's hanwei forge and belongs to a new generation of 'affordable' cutting swords.

The battle ready practical Xl Light katana was designed and made for the tamashigiri practitioners in het Japanese Martial Arts world.

When we did compare the standard practical katana with this Xl light Katana ,the difference was very clear. This new designed sword has a better geometry and has a more 'beefy' blade compared with the Standard Practical katana ar any other katana in the Paul Chen series. It feels more "solid" and does give a safer feeling when performing cutting exercises (tameshigiri).

The blade is longer and much wider&thicker than the standard practical or practical plus katana. A Hi hi (groove) is added to this sword to reduce the weight. Yet, it's still 200 grams more heavy than the practical katana.

The overal theme of this sword didn't changed. The tsuka is still glued on the tang and it features imitation raysking on the handle.

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Practical XL light katana
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€275.00 In stock
Product description: If you're looking for your first 'official' cutter, this Practical XL light might be a home run

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