Tiger Katana
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Tiger Katana

This Paul Chen Tiger katana is one of the first folded blades that have been made and because of the beauty of this katana, it's still around after all these years.

  • iron Kojiri and Koiguchi
  • iron Kurikata
  • beautiful fittings
  • suitable for cutting
  • short kissaski
My personal opinion top

This forged and folded Tiger katana is one of the higher end pieces of Paul Chen's Hanwei forge.

The Tiger katana is crafted at the Hanwei forge of Paul Chen The Tiger group (katana-wakizashi-tanto) boasts a blade of folded ASSAB K-120C powdered Swedish steel. Forged in the maru-gitae style, the sword blade is tempered using the traditional clay process dating from 700 A.D., producing a hard cutting edge of 60 RC while maintaining the body of the blade at 40 RC hardness for resilience and shock absorption.

The blades of all three pieces are grooved on both sides, with a short Kissaki on the Katana and Wakizashi. The tsuba (guard) is a finely-rendered, sculpted standing tiger of brass, with bamboo on the reverse side. The tsuka (grip) is made of genuine top-grade ray skin-covered wood, attached securely to the nakago (tang) with 2 bamboo pegs.

The tsuka-ito (grip wrapping) is Japanese premium black silk cord, wrapped very tightly in the traditional pattern to display the ray skin and the menuki. The saya is finished in gloss black lacquer. Other authentic details include a multi-layered lacquer finished wood saya (scabbard), with a buffalo horn kojori (end cap), koi-guchi (throat cap) and kuri-gata (wrapping cord eyelet).

A sword bag and the traditional sword maintenance kit are included.

Katana Specifications top
  • Steel : ASSAB-K120C powdered steel

  • Polish : mirror

  • Hamon : wave

  • Hi : yes

  • Blade (tsuba to tip) : 78 cm 

  • Tsuka : 35 cm

  • Weight :  1273 gram

  • Point of balance :  11.5 cm
  • Sori : 22 mm

  • Motohaba : 31 mm

  • Sakihaba : 22 mm

  • Kissaki : 35 mm

  • Motokasana : 7 mm

  • Sakikasana : 4 mm

  • Ito : black silk

  • Saya : black glossy with golden bamboo leaves inlayed
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