Plastic Saya for Bokken
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Plastic Saya for Bokken

This plastic saya is a required 'item' if you need to learn how to draw and re-sheath your wooden sword

  • solid plastic
  • very light
  • has a kurikata
  • standard bokken fit
  • good price / quality
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Plastic Saya with kurikata

The scabbard for a katana or wakizashi is referred to as a saya.

This plastic saya for Bokuto enabling the practitioner to get used to the drawing and re-sheathing of a sword without having to use a Iaito or Katana.

A real traditional saya is made from two boards that have had the inside carved out to create a very close fit to the blade, without actually touching the sides of the blade itself. The mouth of the saya, or koiguchi, is carved and fitted to hold the habaki tightly to prevent the sword from rattling around in the saya. Unlike European swords, Japanese swords fit loosely into their saya, and the only part of the blade that actually touches the inside of the saya is the surface of the mune. Once the blade is fully inserted into the saya, the habaki holds it in place with a snug fit with the koiguchi.

The wood that is been used for a normal saya should be very well seasoned, dry and without cracks or knots. It should be acquired as a solid piece, stored for two years after which it is sawn into planks, then stored for a further year or two, prior to use. Season for longer if possible.

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