Silver Wave Katana
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Silver Wave Katana

A nice 'dark' katana featuring a T10 steel blade with a Kaki Toshi nakago to reduce the weight and a sliver plated habaki & seppa.

  • T10 steel
  • unique choji hamon
  • suitable for practitioners and collectors
  • high quality fittings
  • Kaki Toshi nakago
My personal opinion top

Gin No Nami Katana - T10 Steel Blade with Kaki Toshi nakago



This was meant as a try-out but turned out so well that we decided to put it into production. The overall appearance of this sword is absolutely stunning yet very sober.

It was a try out because we wanted to try a new kind of tang we had never done before. A Kaki Toshi or in plain English, the hi that is running over the blade is continuing to do so in the tang. The main reason we did this was to reduce some extra weight (and i was just curious if the forge could fix that :) ).

Furthermore, the hamon has a very 'wild' pattern and a higher end polish in order to make the small details in the hamon more visible.

The silver plated habaki and seppa does give a nice contrast to to overall black theme (rayskin, ito) of the sword.

This katana features a T10 steel blade and is usable for cutting excursuses. However, i would go any further than single and multiple soft targets such as tatami. Cutting bamboo and or other hard targets are not the best idea and might cause some 'healthy problems' for the sword.


Katana Specifications top

Steel : T10

Polish : Medium Stone Polish

Hamon : Choji

Hi (groove) : Yes

Blade (from tsuba to tip) :  cm

Tsuka :  cm

Weight :  gram

POB (point of balance) :  cm

Sori : mm

Motohaba :  mm

Sakihaba : mm

Motokasane :  mm

Sakikasane : mm

Kissaski : cm

Ito (wrap) : cotton

Saya (scabbard) : black gloss

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