O-Nami Katana
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O-Nami Katana

This is the first monsteel katana from Zhui Feng that we received with a stone polish and not to brag but it’s impressive… .

  • T10 steel
  • beautiful hamon
  • handpolished
  • cotton
  • high quality fittings
My personal opinion top

T10 Steel Katana with Stone Polish

This custom piece is forged by the Zhui Feng forge and the first monosteel blade that comes in with a stone polish.

When I first held this sword in my hand I was standing in a rather dark place and my first impression was “oke, this is not bad..” The opinion changed dramatically when I took the sword outside to take a better and closer look at the details.

When I turned to blade up into the air and the sun felt on it it was much more like “Holy canoly…:)“

Ok enough bragging…after all it’s still not a Nihonto so you can’t compare it at all but for this money there isn’t much more out there and or better in this segment of the market.

Besides the nice wave theme, the imported Japanese cotton ito and the Shigeuchi Style sageo this sword has a stunning hamonline that turns out ‘misty’ here and there and the overall balance of the sword as a whole is quit nice and doesn’t feel tip heavy at all. No matter if the purpose is decoration or you want to use it for practicing and perhaps cutting tests, it won’t disappoint you !

As with all the other swords in this category, only 1 has been made…
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