Tea Culture Katana
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Tea Culture Katana

If you are looking for a higher level katana with descent fittings and suitable for Tameshigiri, you just found it !

  • battle wrap
  • solid construction
  • real hamonline
  • nice iron fittings
  • excellent cutter
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If you are looking for a good Tameshigiri / Cutting sword, you can add this Tea Culture Katana to your wish list.

Tea is a popular beverage at social events and the tea culture in Japan is defined by the way the tea is made, served and consumed, and also by the Art aspect and by how the people interact with tea. The most famous and expensive tea is the so called green tea .

The Japanese tea culture is a traditional and ritual based event that is influenced by Taoism and Zen Buddhism and can last for hours. A practitioner of this art must be familiar with the production process and lot of other aspects such as kimono, calligraphy, flower arranging, ceramics and lot s of other disciplines and traditional arts.

Once again, Paul Chen delivered a nice good looking quality sword here. The iron tsuba and fittings features lots of typical elements of the Japanese tea Culture. The tsuka of this katana is wrapped with suede leather ito in a Katati makake or better known as a  battle wrap . It' s one of the few swords in Hanwei s collection that is done this way.

With a weight of nearly 1200 gram and a blade length of 77cm, you can already think that this katana is really designed for Tameshigiri !

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